Repairs and Restorations

Many stained glass companies are able to adequately repair a stained glass window, however, very few are able to restore a window correctly. A great many stained glass windows are hand painted. The experienced artists at Robert McCausland Limited are able to replicate any painting style. This is not a task for an amateur or an individual who has not been trained properly. We are able to restore the most damaged window to its original condition. We particularly specialize in stained glass windows severely damaged either by fire or extreme vandalism.

Moreover, Robert McCausland Limited has a very large inventory of old glass that we have collected over the years in the event that we have replace a glass colour or texture that has long been discontinued.

In the event that the strips of lead, known as came, holding the precious pieces of glass together require replacement, Robert McCausland Limited is able to replace them with a product of similar or greater material that we manufacture in house. In this manner we are able to control the integrity of our product.

All repairs are completed as expeditiously as possible so that a church or private residence is minimally inconvenienced.