Toronto ( N - Z )

Department of National Defense

Repairs to leaded glass windows of above building

North Broadview  United Church

               3 lt. War Memorial window

               Christ with chalice, St. John and St. Paul


Oakwood Presbyterian Church

3 lt. Chancel window and tracery

St. Paul, Good Shepherd and St. Andrew


O'Connor Funeral Home

4 lights depicting the 4 seasons


Ontario Community Centre  for the deaf

8 lt. Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Supper at Emmaus, Nativity,

Calling disciples, healing and light of the world


American Library, Osgoode Hall

Remove, re-lead, strengthen and reinstall 5 ceiling lights


Our Saviour Lutheran Church

2008   2 lt. Symbol Design with logos


Overcomers Church

Feb 1945    4 windows carried out in tinted amber glasses with 2 surrounding                 

                  borders and block pattern

                                  Each window measuring 26 ½" x 74"

                                 1 transom over entrance carried out with church's emblem


Parkdale Baptist Church

Repairs 9 diamonds of stenciled sheet with clients own glass



Pilkington Glass Co, Ltd.

Repairs  1963

May 47      3 lt. window above choir arch, Good Shepherd medallion in centre, Holy Bible and harp emblems in sides


Queen City Glass

Aug 1931   1996    2 lt. Christ blessing children 2 medallion side panels


Queen Street East Presbyterian Church

1 lt. Medallion St. Mark

St. Luke

St. Paul

Boy Christ in Carpenters' Shop



Come Unto Me

Madonna and Child

2 windows for nave, Good Shepherd, Christ in glory

St. John

St. Peter


Renforth Baptist Church

The Good Shepherd


Calling disciples

1 lt. Walk to Emmaus

1 lt. Ruth


The Church of the Redeemer

Dec 1926        Easter Morn


Reorganized Church of Jesus


Church of Latter Day Saints

Repairs to cathedral glass


Church of  Resurrection

2 lt. Christ Blessing Children

Cementing and caulking of 3 lt. East window


Rhodes Avenue Baptist Church

Sept 1924       2 lt. Window for Bible Glass Room

Three Marys at the tomb as 2 lt. Coloured sketch for Mausoleum


Rhodes Avenue United Church (Glen Rhodes Avenue United Church)

2 lt. Christ healing a sick child and Christ the Sower


Richview United Church

2004      Emblem windows

2005      7 Emblem windows

2005      3 Emblem windows           


Rose Avenue School

War memorial in assembly hall

Repair damages to war memorial window


Rose Presbyterian Church

Jan 1946      2 lt. East Side of Church "Resurrection"

June 1946    2 windows in vestibule Burning Bush and St. Andrew's Cross 

                    Changes to be made in work recently installed by us

                     Diamond quarries 2 borders Glass to match existing work

April 1946     2 lt. nave window Nativity

                     Make new inscription for 2 lt. Resurrection window


Runnymede Baptist Church

Repair broken and cracked panes of amber glass


Runnymede United Church

Jan 1949     10 chancel windows as design submitted

April 1940    Centre of 5 lt. window in choir facing west  strong light

                    Christ with cup


St. Luke's Church

Placement of lexan

New inscription for right panel of Flanelle Memorial window


Silverthorn Baptist Church

Good Shepherd Medllion window


St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

3 lt. Gethsemane

Placement of lexan with aluminum trim


St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Simcoe Street

Road to Emmaus    Top

Supper at Emmaus    Bottom

1 lt. Christ healing the sick

1 lt. Nativity

St. Andrew and Emblems

1 lt. Scribe


1 lt. Christ healing


Silverthorne United Church

3 lt. King David with harp and side emblems

Mar 46   - 6 panel window (War memorial window)

3 lt. Nave window

The Good Shepherd

Three panel auditorium

Christ with cup - centre medallion

Emblems lamp and bible

Supply and install 2 pivoted vents in existing windows

3 lt. Christ the sower with side emblems -Cross of faith and anchor of hope

3 lt. Woman playing organ medallion with side emblems

3 lt. I am the resurrection and the life

                               Medallion figure, Cross and crown emblem and harp of praise


Simpson Avenue United Church

Make new inscription for right hand panel

3 lt. nave window full length Good Shepherd with side emblems.  Cross

Of faith and anchor of hope

3 lt. Light of the World with sides Tables of the law and Holy Bible


St. Aidan's Church

Repairs to broken windows

Remove, repair where necessary, store and reinstall large window over Altar

1 lt. Gethsemane

3 lt. Harp of praise with sides,   Alpha and Omega

1925    2 lt. Boy Christ in the temple

1942    Faith

1 lt. St. Aidan show the shield of Iona

2 lt. window The Lord is my pilot


St. Alban's Church

2 lt. St. Paul and Timothy

St. Ambrose Parish Roman Catholic Church

San Fillioppo Neri

Protettore Di Roseto Valfortore

St. Ambrose



Repairs to broken window

14 windows covering with framed lexan


St. Andrew's Church Centre Island

Christ Blessing Children

Oct 83           Re-leading of window and installation


St. Andrew's Anglican Church                 

Christ blessing children

Christ healing




1 lt. Christ with chalice


St. Andrew's Anglican Church

1 lt. Presentation                      1 lt. Good Samaritan

1 lt. Good Shepherd                  1 lt. Gethsemane

1 lt. Sermon on the Mount

1 lt., Boy Scout

1 lt. Calling Disciples

1 lt. Good Samaritan

1 lt. Walk by faith

2000     1 lt. Boy Christ in Carpenter Shop

1 lt. Dove and hand

1 lt. Sermon on the Mount

2003         1 lt. Christ healing

2005         1 lt. Christ and baptism


St. Andrew's United Church

Dec 1958           Supply and install Cathedral glass in 3 lt. opening in Chapel

July 1930        3 lt. window in chapel Christ with orb.

                      Restoration of 10 windows and place in new background

                      Restoration of old windows (8 lt.)


Westminster Central Church

                             3 centre Christ with orb- and hand upraised

                             Left          Christ blessing children

                             Right        Christ healing sick


St. Anne's Church

5 remaining panels of south window Inscription

Jan 1919   Inscription

Oct 1931   Abraham (left side panel of 3)

Dec 1929   Faith

                  Angel of light


Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury (Anglican)

3 lt. Window for South Wall of Chancel

1 lt. Companion window to Christ blessing Children

                         Christ blessing children

Two 1 lt. Window for north wall of church

                               Nativity and Christ among the doctors

#5888                   2 lt. Christ with the Centurion

                              2'3" W x 6'4´light plus tracery on top


St. Chad's Anglican Church

Oct 47     1 lt. Good Shepherd medallion

               1 lt. St. Augustine

               2 side panels of chancel window and double border 6' 6 ½" x 30

               Centre panel of a 3 lt. nave window St. Cecilia

               Centre panel of a 3-lt. Christ the Good Shepherd

               1 lt. Christ with Child in his arms

               3 lt. St. George in centre, emblems in side panel

               1 lt. Madonna and child medallion

               1 lt. Christ walking on the sea

               1 lt. St. Paul

               1 lt. medallion St. James

               1 lt. medallion Christ with child in his arms

              repair damage to windows


St. Clement's Anglican Church

July 1935          3 lt. Sir Galahad

                        3 lt. Abstract emblems and texts as design

2001                 2 lt. O sing unto the Lord

2002                 Good Shepherd and girl in meditation


St. Columba United Church

1 lt. St. Paul

Nov 1939       One light with tracery      

                     The Good Shepherd

April 1938      Gethsemane

1 lt. Light of the world


St. Cyprian's Church

May 1940         1 square top window in south east vestibule

                                     Good Shepherd       south light   14 3/8" x 49 5/8" F.S.  7/16" Stop


St. Cuthbert's Church

1 lt. Dorcas

1 lt. Ruth


St. David's Anglican Church

Repair broken piece in upper left corner of 2nd window from east side,                                     

South window

Carry out all repairs required to all windows

Make new inscription

                2 lt. window over entrance       Boy Chirst and Madonna and Child

Nov 1937    Madonna and Child

Nov 1936    Medallion Simeon

May 1936     "David" Crown of thorns

July 1936      Christ with child in arms

Feb 1936     Resurrection Angel

April 1937    Christ with chalice

Feb 1938       Moses

St. Paul, Isaiah and John the Baptist

New inscription plate for David window

Make new inscriptions for Boy Christ and Madonna and Child

1915                 3 lt. The Ascension

                        3 lt. Ascension


St. Dunstan's R. C. Church

Emblems and Crests

2 lt. St. Dunstan




St. Elizabeth Anglican Church

Church has been moved

1 lt. Good Shepherd

3 lt. Supper at Emmaus

1 lt. St. Cecilia  67 3/8" x 18 ¼" S.S.



St. George's Church

1929        The Holy women at the tomb

Oct 49       4 new windows at gallery and stairways

                 2 new  leaded glass panels for tower to match existing windows



St. George's  College

Repairs and lexan


St. George's Anglican Church

1 lt. Calling disciples


St. George on the Hill

Sept 37         3 lt. Christ with cup

Aug 1937      Christ the sower

Oct 47           1 lt. Call to discipleship

Oct 42            Good Shepherd

June 26, 1961    1 lt. St. Patrick

                        1 lt. St. Andrew

                        1 lt. St. George

1984                 Repairs works done a lot

                        1 lt. Boy Christ in carpenter's shop


St. George's United Church

June 41      Christ blessing children

Mar 47      2 lt. Christ at Home of Martha and Mary

May 47      5 panel stained glass window "Epiphany"

                 2 lt. Easter morn

                 Remove Easter morn window from St. Columba United Church

                 Fill opening with sheet amber glass, bring to studio, cut down to fit

                 2 lt. opening in St. George's United Church

                  6 lt. windows Crosses


St. Giles Presbyterian Church

Full varied tints in the field

6 in circles of side windows

2 in end window 5


St. Hilda's Anglican Church

windows in nave and vestibule, oblongs of amber cathedral (varied) with 2 borders `/2" lead

opposite N. entrance   Mary and infant Jesus 26 ¼" x 57 ¾" S.S.  7/8" stop all around

Sept 41      3 lt. nave window

Oct 35   3 lt. opposite side entrance

              Main chancel window (3 lts. ) East

               Come unto me    V. Mary on left and St. John on right

1972   June 1931        2 lt. Easter Morn

           Repairs to leaded windows and storm windows

           Repairs to broken pieces



St. James Cathedral

repairs to transept windows


St. James Bond United Church

4 lt. Sermon on the mount and tracery

3 lt. Good Samaritan

3 lt. Light of the world w/St. Andrew and St. Paul and tracery

3 lt. Resurrection

3 lt. Calling of the first disciples

3 lt. Gethsemane 93 ½" H x 21 ½" W cemtre S.S.

2 vents 19 ½" x 23" S.s.

1 lt. the Sower

3 lt. Baptism

3 lt. Nativity

3 lt. Crucifixion

Repairs to ventilation

Restoration and lexan on whole church


St. James Cemetery



St. John's Anglican Church, West Toronto

Sept 1945      1 panel transept window Hoffman's Boy Christ

                     Supply and install DD outer glass

Oct 1968      1 lt. Light of the world

                    2 lt. Nativity

                    5 lt. Tracery sections of St. John

                   1 lt. Supper at Emmaus 29" x 166 ½"

                    Supper at Emmaus  2 side lights


St. John's Anglican Church

1 lt. Christ the Sower

1 lt. St. Francis of Assissi

Repair all windows

Nov 46    1 lt. Timothy

July 46    1 lt. Christ teaching

Oct 45     St. George

Repairs to leaded glass (St. George, St. Michael, Good Shepherd


St. John's Convent

Removal, boozing and shipping of old windows to new address at  Hog's Hollow


St. John's Church

1 medallion window (war memorial) with ventilator

Sept 1929   #1603   Joshua


St. John's Norway

1  lt. Christ the Good Shepherd

2009      1 lt. St. Cecilia


St. Joseph's R. C. Church

2001 St. Franstine Knowlka  and Jesus


St. Jude's Church


1 lt. Feed my sheep

1 lt. Visitation using 2 figures only, Mary and Elizabth

Repairs to west window

Supply and install clear DD outer glass on large chancel window

one 2-lt Presentation

1 lt. Annunciation

1 lt. Come Unto me

Mar 48       2 lt. Our Lord and St. Thomas

                 2 lt. Mary and infant Saviour

Feb 43    2 lt, Supper at Emmaus


St. Lawrence the Martyr R.C. Church

Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation, Boy Christ in the Temple

Gethsemane, Scourging the Pillar, Crowning with thorns, Carrying the Cross, Crucifixion, Assumption, Crowning of Mary, Pentecost, Ascension, Pope, Blessing Children, Frederic Janssoane(Saint) and Kateri Tekakwitha(Indian Saint)

1 lt. Baptism and 1 lt. Jesus Cures the lepers

3 lt. Last Supper

2002 St.Maria Govetti, Guardian Angel, St. Dominic's Sairo with Cross

2003 1 lt. Mother Teresa

1 lt. St. Claire

1 lt. St. Padre Pio

1 lt. St. Vincent de Paul

                   1 lt. St. Michael

                   1 lt. St. Raphael

                  1 lt. Christ healing



St. Margaret's Anglican Church

John the Baptist

Come Unto me

1 lt. St. Margaret

Nov 49 1lt. Angel of Faith

1 lt. St. Andrew

Mar 45  Nave window "Light of the World"

1 lt. Christ with chalice

1 lt. Gethsemane

2000  1 lt. David


St. Mark's Anglican Church, Parkdale

2 side windows of chancel (north) angel with cross and angel with palm

Angel with crown

May 1929     Christ teaching

May 1929  Christ appearing to Mary

1925        The Light of the World

1922          Angel with crown

1926      Christ blessing Children

1925      The Nativity

Nov 26, 1976      1lt. St. Mark

Lexan to front windows


St. Martin's in the field

Replace broken section of outer glass

Supply and install clear double diamond outer glass and new wood stops on            

4 large windows and 3 small windows (chancel)

Supply and install clear double diamond outer glass and supply new wood

Stops on 11 large clearestory windows

The crucifixion

Some new flesh portions of the Christ figure in 3 lt. Crucifixion

2 single windows medallion figures    Virgin Mary and St. John

3 light window with centre medallion figure as sketch

Restoration of windows St. Michael, Holy Mary and St. John

Repair to Crucifixion window

Repairs to ventilator windows

Repairs to ventilators


St. Mary Magdalene's Church

Abstract design

Nov 43      2 windows either side of the Madonna window emblems

1925      2 leaded windows in sanctuary

1922       3 lt. window in nave leaded geometric pattern with inscription at


3 lt. window as special design heavy lead



Church of St. Mary the Virgin

2 lt. Pentecost

2 lt. Paul preaching on Mars Hill

2 lt. Christ's baptism by John

Check for repair, window over gallery up in the east end of church

3 lt. Ascension

2 lt. window in baptistery "Presentation in the temple"

April 30   The Holy Trinity



St. Matthew's Presbyterian Church

1 lt. Good Shepherd



St. Mary's R.C. Polish Church

Restoration of vandalized windows



St.  Matthew's Anglican Church

The return of Christ

Christ Great Commission "Go Into all the world"

1 lt. Crucifixion

1 lt. Baptism of Christ

1 lt. Christ appearing to Mary in the Garden

1 lt. Peter preaching in the streets of Jerusalem

1 lt. The martyrdom of Stephen

1 lt. Columbia founding the monastery on the island of Iona

1 lt. Pentecost

1 lt. Mission to the Indians and Eskimo

1 lt. John Strachan builds the First St. James Cathedral

1 lt. God calls Abraham as design #2464

1 lt. The building of St. Matthews

1 lt. St. Alban

1 lt. The Last Supper

4 panel window Creation

The large Ascension

1 lt. Sermon on the Mount

1 lt. Cranmer

1 lt. God revealing himself through the prophets

1 lt. Jesus the healer

1 lt., Augustine comes to Kent

1 lt. God gives man a way of life

1 lt. Isaiah foretells the coming of Christ

1 lt. Annunciation


St. Matthew's /Anglican Church

2000       Crosses


St. Matthias Anglican Church

Feb 1930   "Faith" with Book and staff with cross as Ancaster design

Supply and deliver 2 pieces. Amber glass as sample 21 ¾" x 28"


St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cathedral

Canopy work above doors

2 lt. Crest for Pope and the Cardinal's Crest

3 lt. Song of Miriam

3 lt. Creation window


St. Michael's College School

Repairs to transom window


St. Monica's Church

3 chancel openings (Brick groove)      29 1/8" x  52 5/8" S.S.

Supply white rolled Cathedral for steel basement  sash 30 lbs  9 ½" c 23 ¾" F.S.

Supply 3 plain door panels

Supply 2 Dormer windows tinted rolled Cathedral 5- 7/8" x 6- 3/8"


St. Nicholas R. C. Church

1978          Dove       Designed by Fred Buchinger


St. Nicholas Anglican Church

1 lt. St. Benedette


St. Olave's Church

Placement of lexan

Putting lexan on six windows



St. Paul's Church

General Mitchell's War windows

1920     1  lt. windows  33 sections and tracery

                Ascension in middle chancel window


St. Paul's (Runnymede) Anglican Church

3 lt. Christ healing a sick child with tracery above

3 lt. Ascension window in south transept

3 lt. Emblem window Holy Bible and Seraphim

Make new inscription panel for crucifixion window

3 lt. Crucifixion

9 only 1;lt. windows, David , John the Baptist, Isaiah, Daniel, Joshua,

Moses, Aaron,  Rebekah

3 lt. St. Andrew, Christ the light of the world St. Paul, Base David and his

Mighty men

3 lt. Come Unto me

Repair 3 large damaged windows

Remove bulges, flatten out, replacement of broken panes, reinstalled and strengthened with T bars



St. Paul's Avenue Road Church

August 1980         Restoration of window



St. Peter's Anglican Church

1 lt. Home at Bethany          

3 lt. Charge to Peter as original Lyon's window

May 1942     2 nave windows Christ healing

Woman of Samaria

The Presentation                              

Blessing children       

The rest are Lyon's windows


St. Peter's Anglican Church

1 lt. Descending dove of the Holy Spirit

1 lt.  a vine of flowers


St. Phillip's Church

Nov 49      2 lt. Resurrection (angel and three women)

                2 lt. Nativity

April 45     3 lt. Christ preaching

2004                 4 Evangelists

to repair the faded trace lines in old window


St. Saviour's Anglican Church

1 lt. Angel of the Resurrection

Repair broken inscription

2 lt. Christ among the doctors

1 lt. Christ appearing to Mary in the Garden

2 lt. Calling of the first disciples

1 lt. Christ healing the sick

1 lt. Crucifixion


St. Simon's Church

St. Simon, St. Matthew   

1931   Christ teaching -  Sermon on the mount

1920                      Dorcas      1 side window of 3 lt.

1645                      St. Gabriel and St. Michael with sword but omit scales

Restoration of window with lexan

3 lt. St. Cecilia and angels


St. Steven's in-the -fields

Tracery faith and hope

Sept 69            Supply and install 1 pc. DD and 1 pc DD sanded in church hall


St  Thomas Church

March 1934   Chancel window in south transept

                    St. Edith of Wilton

2 centre windows angel with mandolin, angel with harp

Jan 1948       1 lt. Simeon and child

1 lt. St. Ninran

1 lt. St. Aidan

Fabrication of 14 windows in amber background

Restoration of the Ascension & the St. Edith

Windows in South Transept & put lexan


St.  Timothy's Anglican Church

1 lt. Christ blessing children

1 lt. Boy Jesus in the temple

1 lt. St. Timothy

2 lt. Christ appearing to Mary

2 lt. Gethsemane

2 lt. Calling disciples

The baptism of our Lord

4 windows - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

1 lt. Good Shepherd

2 lt. Sermon on the Mount

1 lt. Conversion of Saul

1 lt. Christ healing

Placement of ext. 4 mm glass on #1 to #5 w baptistery


St. Vladimir's Church

1 lt. Cross


Mr. Norman Sparrow

two  1-lt. windows (coloured glass)  18" x 24"


Sunnybrook Hospital, Chapel

1 lt. St. Paul

1 lt. St. John

1 lt. St. Timothy


Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

May 1929    Good Shepherd

                   Come Unto Me

Sermon on the Mount

Christ Healing

2 lt. Christ Blessing Children

2 lt. Crucifixion

2 lt. The Great Commandment

2 lt. Transfiguration

2 lt. Temptation

1 lt. Christ in Gethsemane

1 lt. Promise of the comforter

Christ among the doctors

2 lt. Supper at Emmaus


1 lt. Christ teaching

1 lt. Journey to Jerusalem

1   2-lt. Call to discipleship

2   4 lt. Te Deum

1 lt. Boy Jesus

1914      1 lt.  The Light of the world

2008      4 Evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


Toronto Dance Theatre

Re-leading existing stained glass windows including reinforcing to circles

Lexan placement


Toronto General Hospital

April 1984       Remove and re-lead window, place lexan in front of window for protection

                         Of future deterioration and construct oak frame to house the restored



Church of the Transfiguration

Repairs done


Parish of Transfiguration

Emblems window top left Alpha and Omega, Sacred Heart

Middle left          right to life

Bottom left          God sees the little

Our Lady of Perpetual help

Choir and musical emblems

Maximillian Kolbe

St. Anthony

St. Margaret Mary A La Coque

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

St.. Michael, St. John the Baptist

St. Patrick

St. Stanislauss

Our lady of Good Council

Our Lady of Good Remedy

St. Jude

St. Anne and St. Joseph

St. Theresa, St. Francis and St. Francis Xavier

inscriptions for Ascension window

8 emblem door windows and 2 windows in nave

two 1 -lt. above doorways        East dove and west  sacred heart

Repairs to broken glass (‘IHS panel)


Ullrich K. Beier Stained Glass Craftsmen



University College

Rose window as design submitted to us by university


Knox College Caven Library

Repairs and re-leading

Sept  1958      Carry out repairs to skylight and roof of examination hall according to



Victorial Presbyterian Church

Oct 24 1967         Repairs


Walmer Road Baptist Church

Extra work done repairs

repairs  reglazing

May 1947    3 lt. Christ Blessing children

Repair to window  

Remove, stripped, releaded and re-installed new glasses where necessary


Wesley United Church

2 lt. Contemporary emblem design

Remake Christ healing

1924      The light of the world



Westminster Central Church

3 centre Christ with orb- and hand upraised

Left          Christ blessing children

Right        Christ healing sick


Weston Library

Oct  1981   Repair to three windows being stored in the library and install them in

                       Existing blank opening


Westminster Presbyterian Church

3 lt. For reception room

Centre faith with floral emblems on sides

June 1936   Lanterns for 6 nave windows leaded glass side panels

                  2 chancel windows

                  2 vestibules

                  1 vestry

                  2 exterior

June 1936   3 lt. Light of the world, St. John and St. Paul


West Side Cemeteries

1 lt. Assumption

1 lt. Crucifixion

1 lt. Supper at Emmaus

1 lt. Good Shepherd


Windermere United Church

1 lt. for nave Gethsemane

1 lt. Christ appearing to Mary in the Garden

1 lt. Ascension

1 lt. Christ and Nicodemus

1 lt. Good Shepherd

1 lt. Christ with chalice

Addition of nave to inscription


Wychwood Presbyterian Church

3 lt. Home at Bethany with emblems on sides

Sept 49      3 lt. Good Shepherd

July 45        3 lt. Light of the world and bible and burning bush emblems


Wycliffe College Chapel

4 windows for sanctuary

Our Lord, St. Paul, St. John and Timothy

Repairs to leaded window in library and lights in main entrance

Install English window in chapel

Re-leading of one window & re-installation

1 lt. missionary window


Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

St. Paul 3 lt.

6 lt. and tracery Christ the Sower

3 lt. St. Peter

Prodigal Son  6 lt. and tracery

Remove from storage, remake to fit new opening, repair where necessary 

Centre light only of Abraham window and install in new location, plus pieces above centre light

3 lt. Faith, love and hope

Temperance, Fortitude and Prudence

Feeding the Multitude

Matthew and Mark

Luke and John

6 lt. Raising  of Lazarus

15 lt. Missionary window

6 lt. Crucifixion and Easter Morn

2000 Good Shepherd

2001 Healing of Lepers

6 lt. The Good Samaritan

The Landlord and the wicked tenants

Stilling the tempest


York Memorial Presbyterian Church

1 lt. Baptism

1 lt. Calling of the disciples

Supply and install wire guard

2 lt. Christ blessing children

2 lt. Nativity

2 lt. Resurrection including kite shape

3 lt. Supper at Emmaus

Install polished plate outer glass on Christ Blessing children window


York Memorial Collegiate Institute

Restore stained glass windows in auditorium and to install protective lexan

Panels   1984    & 1983


Y.W. C.A.

1 lt. Christ and seated youth

January 1944       Light of the world (chapel  of  W.M.C.A.)

Repair rolled amber  sanded glass  7 ¼" x 30"


Zion Wexford United Church

2004     Reworking the bottom section of David window

2 lt. Creation window

David with harp

Christ in temple

Madonna and Child

Christ the Sower


1949   leaded oblong forms of tinted cathedral glasses

          2 side panels of choir window

          1 centre panel of choir window with part length figure of Good Shepherd

2008   Repairs to broken windows Pastoral scene


Dr. S. R. Young Residence

Supply and install DD leaded diamonds into customers own frames

Brought into studio


Mrs. Cockburn

Remove 6 diamond windows, put in storm windows


Mrs. Keystone

Restore broken window and re-lead


Gregg Dunn

5 leaded plain glass windows


Mr. Karlson

Fabrication of 4 beveled glass window with brass came


Toronto Metropole

Restoration of visitation window


Mr. Norman Sparrow

two  1-lt. windows (coloured glass)  18" x 24"


Mrs. Loeb

Window s in living room, piano room, dining room, dinette door, hall door, hall french doors, stairway, library bathroom, front hall