Toronto ( A - F )

 Albany Club 

Emblem windows

Coat of arms for province of NFD an Labrador

Annunciation of Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church  

Nov 83 Repairs to windows

All Saints Church

Installation of lexan to exterior of all the windows

1920      Christ and the centurion

1 lt. Last Supper

Fix the broken vent with inscription inside

Repairs to office window

Repairs to windows


All Saints Church (Kingsway)  

to repair windows in manse

repair 1 ventilator in nave

remove and reinstall inscription


Armour Heights Presbyterian Church

2 lt.. Burning Bush emblem 


Church of the Annunciation

4 lt. Nativity


Asbury and West United Church

The Good Samaritan

Christ Blessing Children


Boy Jesus in the Carpenter Shop

Christ the Sower

Christ Appearing to Mary



Single light Pentecost

Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ Calling the Disciples

Baptism,  Presentation in Temple, Supper at Emmaus

Entry into Jerusalem

1 lt. Good Shepherd

1 lt. Ascension

1 lt. Feeding the multitude


Adath Beth Sholom Synagogue

12 lt.   12 tribes of Israel

3 lt. Abstract

13 leaded windows


Arrabon House

Repairs to windows


Arts and Letters Club

Repairs and application of lexan


Church of the Atonement

Dove, Mary, Good Shepherd and  Resurrection Lamb

Bank of Montreal,  1 Front Street Toronto

Repairs to Dome ( Hockey Hall of Fame)


Bathurst Street United Church


Supply and insert 120 painted quarries and borders in auditorium


Morley S. Bedford Chapel

3 sliding sash windows in Satete Rooms

Figure medallions (Faith, love and hope)


Belleue Day Care Centre

Miss Crossley  1979       Re-leading and reinstalling window in house


Bendale Acres

2 lt. Window for chapel

2 lt. windows for office contemporary design


Beth Sholom Synagogue

1 lt.    12 tribes of Israel

10 large emblems windows, 6 large figure windows and 1 small window

1 lt. People of the book as special design attached

1 lt. Passover with cups

1 lt. Abraham

4 lt. Moses in the synagogue, Deborah and Abraham

1 lt. Law

1 lt. Sabbath Bride

1 lt. Chanukah

2  1 lt. Windows

Inscription and Replacement


Tel  Aviv

1 lt. Eilat

1 lt. Jerusalem

2003     1 lt. Safad

2008     1 lt. Jaffa

2008     1 lt. Akk0

2008     1 lt. Masada


Bethel Baptist Church

3 lt. Resurrection in centre panel

Nativity and Baptism in side panels  ½" wood groove

Tracery on top sides


Beth Emeth Synagogue  1976

Repairs, make new inscription

Make new inscription

Refabrication of one inscription



Birchcliff United Church

1 lt,  St. Paul  Right hand light of 3  lt. Window

1 lt. St. John as design 1845 left light of 3 lt. Window

1 lt. Christ Teaching


Bishop Strachan School

Sermon on the Mount

Boy Christ in the temple

1 lt. Christ Blessing Children

I am the Good Shepherd


Bloor Street United Church

Repairs to windows

1 lt. St. Luke

2 lt. St. Matthew and St. Mark

1 lt. And tracery of a 2 -lt. Window St. John

Chalice and book in upper tracery


Bonar Presbyterian Church

1920    The Annunciation

1919    The Resurrection

Repair, remove 5 lt. Memorial window, pack securely in strong storage crates and store in studio


Boon Avenue Baptist Church

1924       Bible emblem


Bradshaw, Harold

4 brass windows & 6 leaded windows


Calvin Presbyterian Church

1 lt. Christ in the home of Mary and Martha

1 lt. St. Michael

1 lt. Christ Blessing Children

3 windows in gallery, burning bush in centre and side emblems in side  panels



C N Ex. Press Building

Repairs to window and place lexan


Centennial United Church

July 1940     3 light  The Light of the World in centre, side windows with floral                              

Designs at top and bottom

Roof lights, fan lights

4 side doors with clear glass in field


Christ Church

Repairs done to windows


Christ Church Deer Park

Jan 1937    2 lt. Windows in Chapel Nativity and Ascension

The Sower

Oct 23, 1919    3 lt. Christ Blessing the cross


Our Lord, angel with crown, youth in armour

Ascending Christ, St. John and St. Paul

1 lt. St. Andrew


Christ Anglican Church

Repairs to door window and narthex window


Old City Hall

1899 3 lt. Window    16" x 23"  the scene depicting in this window symbolizes the                      

Up-building of Toronto.  The civic queen stands hand-in-hand  with the sponsor of industry, behind whom all grouped  representatives of the various trades, while on her right representing Commerce, are figures symbolic of the continents

Aug 1983  Re-leading of the window and reinstallation

Repairs to leaded glass

Reinstallation of "Union of Commerce and Industry"    Stained glass window


Cloke Construction Co. Ltd

Repairs  at 30 College Street

Supply new light repair 3 sashes

Supply 1 lt. Using pilks chipped D.D.

Repair window

3 leaded glass panels as sample


188 Castlefield Avenue

1 leaded glass panel clear D.D. to match existing windows


Repairs at St. Joseph's Church   172 Leslie Street

Repairs 6 panels  


Cloke's Presbyterian Church,  Queen Street East

4 sash brought in from 16 Cortland Avenue


Cooke's Presbyterian Church

Remove leaded panel size 

Strip old lead from glass, re-lead and complete panel and re-install


Christ Church          

Adapt old window "Light of the world" to suit new centre opening of chancel

Supply new side lights and tracery (sides medallion emblems)

Supply and attach wire screen over entire window

The Light of the World   36" x 96" F.S. ½" stop   True gothic


Church House      

One window        


Church of the Adolphous

2 lt. Pelican and chalice      Grapes abstract with ventilators


Church of the Annunciation

1 Light Mother Teresa and Father Padre Pio


Church of the Comforter

Ornamental with head of St. John in circle

56" x 66"


Congregation Anshe Chmeilnich

1 light. Tables of the law, flanked by Lyons


Cosburn United Church        

Christ with chalice and emblems wheatsheaf and grapes


Danforth Baptist Church

1980  Estimate given for repairs 

Placement of lexan


Davenport Road Presbyterian Church

Dec 1930          2 lt. Nativity

                        135  ½" x 25  3/8"  each light       106 3/8" to spring line 4 ‘ to floor

July 1951         2 lt. Call to discipleship


Dentonia United Church

Sermon on the Mount


Davenport United Church

May 1947        1 lt. Annunciation

                      opalescent glass panel for one lantern

June 1936   St. Luke

Nov 1935     Medallion St. Paul

Nov 1936     St. John

Sept 1944     Christ teaching

Oct 1942       Good Samaritan

Oct 1945        Medallion window "David with   sling

June 1947      1 lt. Nativity  (2nd window from the choir)

Oct 16, 1940    Easter Morn

Feb 1940         Medallio  figure "Ruth"

Jan 1938           The Boy Joseph

Nov 1937         Timothy

Feb 1947          Light of the World

Oct 45              1 lt. Crucifixion          35  5/8" x 88"

Restoration to doors

Restoration to windows

Light Box


Dewi Sant Welsh United Church

Restoration to broken glass

Home at Bethany


D.K.E.  Fraternity

1981  Repairs to damaged window


Donlands United Church

March 1943         2 lt. Christ appearing to Mary in the Garden

July 1951            4 windows for chapel

2 windows for church office   503 rolled glass oblongs

2 borders and ½" lead


Dovercourt Road Baptist Church



Downsview United Church

1 lt. Cross

1 lt. Doves of Peace


7th Day Adventist Hospital - Branson Chapel

6 only 1 lt. Abstract Design - antique windows 27" x 78"


Eglinton United Church

West transept window

Aug 1929          Christ blessing children

Nov 1944          3 lt. Light of the world

                        St. John and David on sides


Church of England Deaconess Home

June 1930    Christ teaching with Mary of Bethany and  Eunice

Oct 51         ‘Remake windows taken from old building to fit into the            

                                             Opening of 217 St. George Street

Church of the Epiphany

2 lt. Sermon on the Mount

2 lt. Christ in the Home of Mary and Martha

1   3 lt. oblongs and one border in D.D.

Nov. 46   Christ blessing Children and baptism window

               Both windows to be fixed and cleaned (after a fire)


Feb 1926   Easter Morn

3 new leaded windows 2 borders

Dec 1938    Christ appearing to Mary

                  Supper at Emmaus

                  Christ the Centurion

                 Restoration of 1 lt. Nativity window

                   Restoration of 7 windows



Evangel Temple

Sept 1943      Various repairs to windows


Fairbank Presbyterian Church

Oct 54     1 lt. Over the entrance door

                      Burning bush emblem


Fairlawn United Church

1 lt. Christ with chalice medallion

2 lt. Come Unto Me with Holy Bible at base

Christ with CRB medallion figure

2 lt. Gethsemane


Farmer Memorial Baptist Church

3 lt. Nativity, Good Shepherd, Baptism 

3 lt. window behind baptistery

                         Dove with rays inc entre and text medallion on sides

Forest Grove United Church

2 lt. Boy Christ in the temple

1 lt. Annunciation

1 lt. Christ appearing to Mary in the Garden

2 lt. Crucifixion

2 lt. Christ healing the sick

2 lt. Christ blessing children

2 lt. Calling of the disciples

2 lt. Nativity

2 lt. Gethsemane


Forest Hill United Church

1 lt. Christ blessing children


Forest Hill Synagogue

Glaze 3 sash delivered to us with a seven-branched candle sticks

1 table of law showing ten ommandments


Glebe Presbyterian Church

May 1946     3  lt. window and tracery behind choir

                   Our Lord with chalice "St. John and St. Paul"

 Placement of Lexan ( 3 lt. window )


Glendale Memorial Gardens

3 lt. Matthew, 3 lt. Luke, 3 lt. John and 3 lt. Mark


Glenview Presbyterian Church

 Feb 1948          5 lt. Good Shepherd centre, Moses , Isaiah, Andrew and Paul


Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Jan 1927        Simeon with child in arms

                     Christ in the temple

                     Repairs to baptistery window and one drapery piece in Christ

                      Blessing children

                      1 lt. Christ appearing to Mary

                      2 side panels of chancel window, emblems font and cup

                       centre of 3 lt. Christ healing the sick child


Church of the Good Shepherd continued

Christ blessing children

Flight into Egypt

1 lt. Supper at Emmaus

1 lt. Emblem window 2 trumpets & 3 people in choir plain background

1 lt. Christ blessing children of all nations