How is our Service Specialized?

We give our customers individual attention.  Robert McCausland Limited maintains an inventory of 450 shades of colour in the finest of West German, French and English antique glass.  Through this large inventory, we can control production to avoid embarrassing delays.   The subtle graduation in colours in our inventory is of utmost importance, particularly in large windows, in order to produce truly inspirational, vibrant, living stained glass windows.  Such windows have been a hallmark of our firm since 1856. Equally important is our use of only the finest antique glass.  No matter how good the design, inferior glass will result in a poorly coloured window.

Who Designs the Windows?

The presence of our own experienced in-house designers assures enduring design integrity and continuity, control over scheduling and, most important, a personal artistic projection of your own concepts.  Our experience enables us to design classic traditional, contemporary or modern stained glass windows of lasting beauty.  They will serve as a source of inspiration and enjoyment for generations.

Who Paints the Windows?

We have the finest glass painters in the world, equipped with the finest painting materials.  The artistic attention to detail, coupled with advanced –technology  kiln firing, assures the ultimate in permanent bonding of antique glass and lead oxide  paint to create classic, maintenance-free portrayals.  We pay particular attention to facial details.  This is the most important characteristic of a Robert McCausland Limited stained glass window.  We recreate the appearance of flesh in a way which has become the standard for our industry.

Where are the Windows Manufactured?

We manufacture our own lead came which is used to join the mosaic of stained glass.  Our lead is of optimal strength to assure the trouble-free longevity of each window.

We offer proven, cost-effective installation procedures by service personal anywhere in the world for your McCausland stained glass window.  You are assured of correct, secure, maintenance-free installations.

Are the Designs Original?

We retain   all original designs, cut lines and full-scale drawings of each serial-numbered windows we produce.  In the unfortunate event of destruction of a McCausland stained glass window  by vandalism, fire or other causes, we can reproduce it exactly.  All it takes is one phone call.  Our studios are open daily from 8 a.m.  to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday and  at   other times by special appointment.  We encourage you to drop by our studios to share in the evolution of your own window.